Joint Pain

Causes Of Joint Pain

Expert Insights From Dr. Pope
Joint Pain: What it is and and what can be done about it.

Joint pain can come and go, affecting people when they least expect it. In fact, over 15 million people in the United States have reported feeling severe joint pain related to arthritis. Having treated many patients who suffer from overpowering joint pain, it has been easier for me to narrow down some of the most common reasons why joint pain can suddenly afflict a person.

What Causes My Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be felt in many areas of the body, specifically in the hands, hips, knees, feet, and spine. Pain may be constant, or it may come and go. Joint pain can affect adults and even children in some instances. One of the key things you can do when suffering from joint pain is paying a visit to your primary care physician to explore possible causes of joint pain.

Some of the most common causes of joint pain include:

  • Having arthritis or other chronic medical conditions. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that leads to the wearing down of cartilage and can cause joints to become painful and stiff. 
  • Bursitis, which develops from overuse of the muscle/joint. This can occur in the hip, elbow, shoulder, or knee. 
  • Other injuries to joints. Broken bones and sprains are some of the most common. 
  • Suffering from poor health. This can include being overweight. Also, suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression can lead to joint pain. 

What Can I Do For Joint Pain? 

Joint pain can put a damper on your daily routine. I often have been asked, what can be done for joint pain? Patients who suffer from joint pain know how much it can interrupt routines. When debilitating pain symptoms put a halt to your active lifestyle, it can feel like there is no solution. However, there are a few things that can be done to alleviate joint pain. 

Some of the most common forms of treatment for joint pain include using a heating pad or ice on the affected area, as well as soaking in a warm bath. Exercises, such as walking, swimming, and other low-impact exercises can help strengthen joint function. Make sure to double-check with your primary physician what exercises may be right for you. Weight loss is also a solution for joint pain, as getting weight off causes less strain on the body and joints. Exercising and following a healthy nutrient-dense diet can help with achieving weight loss. 

What can you do when pain symptoms continue to worsen? Instead of quick-relief pain pills from your local grocery or pharmacy, dietary supplements provide great relief for joint pain. Supplements may be the way to go, as these contain more natural ingredients than over-the-counter pain medication, with fewer side effects.

What’s A Supplement For Joint Pain I Can Take? 

There are many supplements, but most don’t specifically target joint pain. You may find yourself overwhelmed with finding the right supplement. As a doctor myself, I would often find myself unable to answer the question, what supplements can I take for my joint pain? You see, oftentimes many supplements contain only one of the most vital ingredients for joint pain. This means you’d have to take about 5 or more supplements to get even a portion of the benefits!

Seeing the need for a comprehensive supplement solution for joint pain that could benefit overall health made me want to research and see if I could formulate a beneficial supplement myself that could hit all the necessary goals for joint pain relief and further cellular health. 

JointLife Supplements: My Answer to Joint Pain Supplements

And so with carefully guided research and patient feedback, JointLife was born. These supplements are packed with valuable ingredients, which would typically be found in multiple supplements. I wanted to make sure this was an all-in-one comprehensive supplement filled with the most powerful ingredients, so patients could take this supplement and be at ease that they wouldn’t have to take multiple supplements for the same effect again!

As a physician, I want to make sure my patients are taking preventative measures to ensure a happier quality of life with joint pain. JointLife is the perfect comprehensive physician-formulated supplement, and I am happy to recommend it knowing the extensive dedication that was put into its development. Don’t deal with joint pain on your own, and don’t turn to temporary-relief medication for a quick-fix that is troublesome in the long-run. Instead, go for a supplement like JointLife that provides nutrients and alleviation without harmful side effects.