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Green Tea Extract: Increasing Stem Cell Function Is Only One of Its Many Benefits

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has an increasing body of evidence and research regarding his potential including the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, anti-inflammatory benefits, antiarthritic, antibacterial, antiangiogenic, antioxidative, antiviral, neuroprotective, and cholesterol-lowering effects as well (1).

Stem Cell Function

Another study (2) found that Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Preincubated with Green Tea EGCG Enhance Pancreatic Tissue Regeneration. This was a small study that pretreated with Green Tea Extract rats with Type 1 Diabetes. They were able to show that those rats had enhanced tissue regeneration through the anti-oxidant effects and also the paracrine signaling pathways stimulated from the Green Tea Extract on the stem cells.

Another study (3) showed that endogenous stem activity was stimulated by Green Tea Extract. In this study, they looked at rats that typically experience thyroid destruction secondary to an antiarrhythmic called Amiodarone. They showed that the rat group that received the Green Tea extract had increased stem cells activation and damage to the thyroid was minimized.

Additional Benefits of Green Tea Extract (1)

1) Anti-Obesity - Studies have linked GTE to improved energy and wt loss

2) Anti-Diabetic effects - limited studies have shown improved glycemic control

3) Anti-cancer - limited studies have shown decreased risk in breast cancer, Green tea consumption has also been linked to the prevention of many types of cancer, including lung, colon, esophagus, mouth, stomach, small intestine, kidney, pancreas, and mammary glands through its anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-tumorigenic effects

4) anti-inflammatory - studies have shown GTE to be an effective anti-oxidant and effective at reducing levels of inflammation

5) anti-hypertensive - studies have linked GTE to lower blood pressures

6) anti-cardiovascular disease - GTE has been linked to heart benefits and reduced atherosclerosis

7) anti-chronic disease - GTE has been shown to be helpful at reducing the effects of Chronic disease.

8) anti-viral - some studies have linked GTE to have an inhibitory effect against influenza and herpes simplex viruses

9) Anti-H. Pylori - studies have shown inhibitory effects against H. Pylori, a bacteria that can cause gastric ulcers.

10) anti-cataract - that was a study that showed a link to GTE helping preserve the anti-oxidant defense system of the lens to help prevent cataracts.

Green Tea Extract dosing is also important to get right. The dose has to be based on the therapeutic doses used in the studies but these studies also show that when taken at too high a dose, there are negative consequences.

BlueFire Supplements has done the hard work to get the dosing right. Our Stemlife supplement is designed to maximize the stem cell and cellular benefits using the most effective but safe Green Tea Extract amount in each serving.

We have combined all the best nutraceutical ingredients shown to benefit cellular function and stem cell proliferation, along with the additional benefits that each ingredient may offer. We have combined them all into one convenient super supplement to maximize benefit and convenience while minimizing cost.

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