PRP: Shots for Soldiers

Expert Insights From Dr. Pope

For the past several months, I have been fortunate to have been asked to help with a program,, a non-profit that seeks to help veterans with acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems at no cost to the veterans. It was started by former veterans who have designed one of the best PRP kits that I have used. They donate the supplies and I donate the expertise. We combined forces and have successfully treated over 50 veterans with more to come. and are proud to help sponsor this important cause.

This has been extremely rewarding for us and the veterans. We have treated numerous chronic battle related injuries that have caused varying disabilities. Most of our patients have had shoulder pathology, knee pathology, as well as chronic back issues. We have been able to target their injuries with ultrasound guided injections as well as fluoroscopically guided injections of the spine. The best part is that most of these guys are experiencing relief and benefits for problems they had all but given up hope on.

In addition, we have also used this as an opportunity to train other physicians that are interested in incorporating PRP into their existing practices. We have not charged for this training and many of the physicians have volunteered to help with the program in various other locales.

Hopefully, we can make this a nation wide program but as with anything else, it takes time, funding and motivated volunteers. Based on what I have seen, it is only a matter of time.